Pin and Sleeve Electrical Interconnection Systems

When you're dealing with electrical connections in wet, corrosive or hazardous environments, Russellstoll® plugs, connectors and receptacles provide power where you need it.

No Maintenance: maintenance-free and range from 20 to 400 amps

Fully Polarized: Offers full polarization for exact voltage, frequency and phases, power supply ratings can't mix

Quick Installation: Solderless, pressure screw terminals and rear access, combined with take-apart housings, provide quick wiring access


MaxGard® - Heavy Industrial Applications

Harsh environments and extreme conditions such as explosion-prone areas, high-corrosion atmospheres and rugged terrain

DuraGard® - Light Industrial Applications Waterproof (1000-PSI Water Test)

Areas where there are size constraints, chemicals, moisture, high water pressure and the need for waterproof rather than water-resistant protection

ABB IEC 60309 - Light Industrial Applications
International IEC 60309 - IP67 Watertight

Situations that require international interchangeability, watertight construction and corrosion and chemical resistance

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Hubbell® TO ABB IEC 60309 Cross Reference

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ABB IEC 60309 - Pin and Sleeve Connector Video

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